English as a Second Language


Classes are offered both morning and evening in our classrooms in West Chester. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English are taught in the context of real-life and workplace situations.

To attend a class, please call the Educational Coordinator, Maryann Mann.
You must make an appointment with her before you can attend a class.

Monday – 9am-12pm
Tuesday – 9am-12pm
Wednesday – 9am-12pm
Thursday – 9am-12pm

Monday – 6pm-8:30pm
Wednesday – 6pm – 8:30pm

Students are assigned to class by the Educational Coordinator and then they are required to attend their class twice a week.

If a student can not attend class we do offer 1 to 1 tutoring. Our tutor Coordinator is Jeanne King. You can call her to schedule an appointment.
Her office is in the Chester County Library in Exton. Her phone number is 610 280 2618.

We also offer Distance Learning ….computer based instruction…for those who qualify. Jeanne King will help you with this.
Phone number: 610 280 2618.