Executive Staff

Joyce Chester, President and CEO

Gina Venuti, Deputy Director

Yvonne Brownlee, Fiscal Officer

Izabella Dobrzanska, Data Administrator

Nikole Wright, Executive Assistant


Adult Basic Literacy Education

Maryann Mann, Educational Services Coordinator/Lead Instructor


Nurse Aide Training Program

Gina Venuti, Program Director

Izabella Dobrzanska, Intake Specialist

Rosalie McHoul, RN, BSN, Primary Instructor

Robert Caulk, LPN, Clinical Instructor


Preparing for Independence Program

Kate Somers, Program Coordinator

Tom Dey, Program Volunteer


Leading Everyone to Achieve Potential (LEAP) Program

Changing and Redirecting Everyone for Employment Readiness (CAREER) Program

Emily Black, Program Manager

Nikole Wright, Director & Instructor

Vickie Haynes, Administrative Assistant


Adult Workforce Literacy

Jeanne King, Coordinator

Susan Yayac, Assistant


ESL Instructors

Kathleen Mirra

Patricia Severance

Marilyn Ayotte


General Education Diploma (GED/MoveUp) Instructors

Claire Gavin, CareerLink, Exton

Kim Carlson, West Chester GED


PA Workforce Improvement Network (PAWIN)

Gina Venuti, Program Developer


Office Support

Juan Perez